Monday, March 19, 2012

Family as calling

At the consultation in February one of the issues that lots of people wanted to talk about was making decisions about work, family and ministry. In our society, and even more in conservative churches, husbands assume they have to work full-time and wives and mothers feel they have to make a decision about how much work to do.

One way of rethinking that approach is for husbands and wives to recognise family life as a calling from God. This book seems to do that, according to an interview with the authors (Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Mary J. Moerbe). I haven't read the book yet, but it sound worth looking at. The message for parents and children is "Love and serve your family, not because of who is in your family, but because God is in your family".

I'd guess that sometimes means earning money to keep your family (1Tim. 5:8 ). But it also means having time for them, and showing the love of having time for relationships, worship, evangelism and generosity. If all the family view family life and roles as God's calling, then the work/life balance might start to fall into place.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flourish workshops

The WMPCA committee is working on Flourish for July and talking to people about doing workshops. There are heaps for great topics that are worth looking at and so many gifted people who can deal with them. The 'trick' is getting the right topics for the right people who are available for Flourish! It is great hearing the enthusiasm of presenters we've approached. When you ask someone about a topic and they come back with "this is such an important topic and I'd love to do it. You should know that I am quite opinionated about this!" - you've probably asked the right person.

It will be a few weeks before we can give the list of workshop topics and presenters. As a teaser, here are some of the topics we are talking people to. We are looking for topics on some of the key areas of church life and ministry, personal and life issues for women and church leadership and women's ministry. The workshops will probably have more interesting titles than these!

Small churches
One to one
Connecting with young women
Developing ministry through PWA
Seniors ministry
Kid’s ministry
Connecting with global mission
Disability ministry
Social Media
Craft Ministry
Counselling Women
Women's Bible Studies
Ministry to women in difficult marriages and in divorce
Health and Beauty
Making decisions about work and ministry
Success in life and ministry
Keep growing
Infertility – treatment etc
Intergenerational women’s ministry
Teaching complementarianism
Teaching the Bible to women
Leadership style and structures
Training women
Multicultural Ministry
Building a women's ministry
Bridges between Leadership and Women's Ministry
Building a Mercy ministry

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wait...I can't catch up!

What do you do when you feel as though life has gone ahead of you and you just can't catch up? I have been thinking about that a lot recently as summer holidays are just a distant memory and autumn is showing it's signs in abundance...the apples and pears are ready on the trees and the tomatoes are being harvested, quinces are on the table and I am still trying to work out the best way to use my time...Life is so full.
As a whole church we have started off the year looking at Christianity Explored, which has been a real blessing, but it has got me thinking... on the front cover it says in bold type

One Life. What's it all about?

Sometimes I ask myself just that - what is it all about and how do you fit it all in? Life just gets in the way...moving house, children who are really unwell, trips to hospital, relative who need caring for, weddings... the list goes on and that says nothing about the size of my ironing pile!

But sometimes we just need to remember that we don't do it all in our own strength and that praying is always a great first step...How can we best follow and serve the Lord Jesus and be an encouragement to one another? By trusting him and praying daily that our lives even in the ordinary or busy things would be extraordinary as we seek to share with others the love of Jesus.